ENGAGE4X4 Dual battery system

Software controlled dual battery system

What are the advantages of the ENGAGE4X4 dual battery system? After the first long trip or expedition will most users answered this question. Each converted offroad vehicle such as Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Jeep, Toyota and others needed for the following additional power consumption. For the compressor cooler, power converters, winch, extra outlets, searchlight and much more. If you were to place this power consumption in addition to the starter battery, the battery would be empty in the middle of the countryside, the desert or in the mountains after a few hours .

How does the system work?

The dual battery system indicates the charging status of both batteries and will itself ensure that both batteries are charged during operation of the vehicle always. The starter battery while sparing. Therefore, a dual battery system by ENGAGE4X4 is an indispensable, useful product that on any long trip or an expedition in the SUV was missing.
A dual battery system is one of the main options for expedition and adventure trips by 4×4 vehicle to ensure the mobility of the offroad vehicle far away from the roads .


  • Voltage 12V
  • Relay 200a
  • Rubberized case
  • Two individual battery displays
  • Membrane keyboard

ENGAGE4X4 Jeep JK Tail light rear

ENGAGE4X4 Jeep JK Tail light rear

ENGAGE4X4 Jeep JK Tail light rear – the new ENGAGE4X4 JEEP JK product. The ENGAGE4X4 Jeep JK tail lights protect the rear lights of damage while offroad driving and everyday life.
The appealing design of the lamp guards in ENGAGE4X4 style round off a converted ENGAGE4X4 products or give the classic Jeep JK a new style. The JEEP JK rear light protection are made of aluminum and are anodized in black. By anodizing we protect the Jeep JK additionally against rusting.

Product Quality and Design

As with all our ENGAGE4X4 products, our aim is to improve products, to offer high quality with an appealing design and to reduce weight. Only certified companies, which have the most modern systems and technology, may manufacture for us. The name “ENGAGE4X4″stands for highest offroad vehicle equipment quality “Made in Germany”

Product Details:

  • Light weight
  • Non corrosive
  • Black UV-resistant
  • Material Aluminium
  • ENGAGE4X4 Design
  • Made in Germany


  • Vehicle Protection for Offroad
  • Vehicle Protection for Onroad
  • Stylish Design for a new look

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