Jeep JK Ultra light roof rack

Jeep JK ENGAGE4X4 Roof rack

The Jeep JK ENGAGE4X4 roof rack with Airline rail system – ultra light for additional vehicle load capacity.  The ENGAGE4X4 roof rack system is flexible and easy to install. The decent design combined a perfect and appealing visual appearance. The airline rail profil offers many different possibilities to fix equipment, tents and other loads. The most important advantage of this Jeep JK roof rack is that it is light, completely demountable, easy to install and totally flexible to handle.

Jeep JK ENGAGE4X4 roof racks are available in different lengths applicable to different bodystyles.

Productest Jeep JK ENGAGE4X4 Roof rack

Our Engineer Team developed the ultra light and mulifunctional roof rack for offroad applications and different kind of demands. In longterm tests in offroad, rough terrain and onroad with different loads we kindly present a great product “Made in Germany”.

Ihr ENGAGE4X4 Team